• You Know Who You Are

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    There is something I have to tell you, that I’ve wanted to tell you for very long time. I am absolutely, 100% in love with you. No questions, no doubts, no ‘what if’s. 100%.

    What’s amazing about that is that it was only after years of bad experiences that I can say with certainty what love is. What it isn’t. I’ve pretty much spent my entire life knowing with 99% certainty that 99% of all absolute truth is actually just an elaborate illusion of truth. And yet I still know this.

    -You make every moment that I spend with you feel worth it and real.
    -You laugh at my really lame jokes but you also don’t always laugh, because I know you’re being for real.
    -I know that I can and would do anything I can to help you in your life, without question, no matter how much I would have to give up for it. That’s what knowing so much about you does to me.
    -You give me support and try to talk me out of my stupidity, but you don’t try to control me and you still keep me around despite my failings. I’ve SEEN you complain about people who are a lot like me, but you still let me get away with it now and then.
    -You are attractive to me on every level that I am aware of, and probably some more too.
    -You are absolutely my best friend.

    I know that I’m not your One True Love. I know we’re not going to marry or have children together. I know that your life will be much longer and worthwhile than mine ever will. It doesn’t break my heart though. You’ve both told me and let it slip that you have serious feelings for me too. Deep down inside I will always have some selfish part of me that knows that that ISN’T really enough, but it’ll do. Thank you for being part of my life.

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