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    by  • November 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Dating • 0 Comments


    I know this is supposed to be a letter that I’d never send, but, ironically, I have already done that. I need to vent, however. I only see you at my work, and I help you every time you come in (I’m almost positive that you help that to happen as well), you are absolutely gorgeous, funny, smart; totally my type. I would love to ask you out on a date. And I would. And I will. I just feel bad about doing that sort of thing at work, in front of my boss and coworkers where they already know I dig you and watch me like a hawk whenever you come in. It’s the only place that I see you. Plus, what if I’m reading your eyes wrong? There’s always the possibility that you are just super friendly, taken, or I am friendzoned from the beginning. Insecurities aside, I need to find a way to relay the message that I want to take you out on a date. Time to just suck it up and make it happen.

    -wish I could have seen you at the Duck game… oh well, til next paycheck.


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