• My Best Friend Broke Me

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    Dear Carolyn,

    You broke me.

    100% tore me to pieces. You ruined my life. You made me cry night after night. You made me feel like I was worthless, stupid, and that I deserved the way I was feeling. You made me hate myself to the point where I actually WANTED to feel bad. I thought, well if I am as bad as Carolyn has told me, then I MUST deserve to die. I must deserve this pain. When you were my best friend, I never felt more alone. You made me cut myself, probably 100 times. I never told very many people, because I thought it made me weak. But it made me stronger. Now that you’re out of my life. I realize that you were literally the ONLY thing holding me back. All the other issues that had piled ontop of yours, are nothing to me. I know I can survive anything, because of you. If I survived what you did to me, I can do anything. So thank you for making me realize what I never want to be like again. And thank you for letting me know that if something is upsetting me, I can just get rid of it. I never came first with you. You always came first with you. This wouldnt have been a huge issue if you didnt come first with me too. But you did. I can’t believe I underwent so much abuse. 3 years. It took me 3 years to realize it. But I’m finally free of you. I never caused your pain on purpose. But you F***ed me over on purpose. So have a GREAT life Carolyn. Hopefully we never, ever become friends again.

    so mature of you to delete me off facebook.

    also the prank phone calls NEED to stop. as if ruining my life wasn’t enough.

    XOXO – The Best Friend that you ripped to shreds.

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