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    Dear ‘life’ ,

    can you PLEASE stop sucking? serious, i can’t exactly blame you, i blame everyone who’s in it. my so called ‘friends’ and everyone else. can you not see how alone i am? i act so happy and hyped up all the time, but it’s completely and utterly fake. i’ve never ever been this lonely. i had all scars up my arm and wrist and no one noticed. it’s only since my so called best friend ditched me for her fat big headed chav of a boyfriend everything messed up. it used to be just us 2 see. best friends, sisters even. we’d go everywhere together. holiday, over each other’s houses, to dinner. everywhere. then he come along, i was dropped. i mean i have “friends” in school, but when it comes to out of school i don’t see them. at all, so i’ve been stuck in my house for 11 months. wow, i didn’t even realise it was that long, nearly a whole year. best thing is that this time last year my mother paid for her to come on holidays with us, and i finished with the boy i really liked coz he was coming between us. yeah i still like him but he has a girlfriend now. so yeah i know this aint exactly a ‘sob story’ i’m not dying or anything but still, i’m hurting. so be kind for december and 2012 (yn) please. 🙂 <3

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