• I hate you

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    I don’t want you out of my life I just want to not care about you anymore. If you would have just tried I would have loved you. I would have been more in love with you than anything. Now instead of me smiling when I think of you I just start crying. Do you have any idea how I feel? Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to fake this smile at work and around Mike? All you had to do was try. Even after you said let’s just be friends at least I had you in my life, but no. What was it? was it jealousy? were you jealous of Mike? Is that it? You promised you’d control your jealousy after what happened with Michael. I chose being with you over being his friend cause you two couldn’t be civil. He never did anything wrong, He never hurt me, but I guess I chose wrong. I should have told you to shove off then. At least I’d still be friends with Michael and I’d probably still be dancing. I chose you though.

    The second I start hanging out with another guy you start telling me about his problems. He was sitting right next to me when you told me he had a kid and you bashed him saying he was a terrible father. Mike used to be your friend but you slept with his girlfriend but he didn’t hold a grudge, you’re the one who started acting like a jerk to him. I choose Mike this time, not you. You know my rules, Don’t fuck with me and don’t fuck with my friends. Cause you see Wren, when you abandoned me when I needed you most Mike was there. Mike has kept me going. You were supposed to be my best friend. You were my Knight remember? I was your maiden who was waiting and hoping. Remember? The knight and Maiden? We were so happy, I know you were happy. but no, when things got a little difficult and stressful you just fucking quit. then three weeks later you tell me you were In love with me and you thought you were just going to hurt me. So instead of taking a chance at love with me even with a risk of it not working you just quit. Yeah that’s fair to me. I had been trying harder than ever before. I never lied to you, I always did what ever I could to help you and I needed your help your patience and what do I get? My best friend leaving me. Thanks.

    Now I can’t do anything without the thought of how much you hurt me. I promised Mike I’d keep trying and I had to start by letting go of the past, but you meant so much to me I can’t seem to do it. I should have known better than to give you a second chance. I was cooking the other night and mother walked in and sad “you look so sad” and I had to hold back tears. Mike called me Broken. You see Mike and I made a promise to each other, If he keeps trying so will I. and I don’t go back on my promises unlike you. Mr. ‘I’ll always be your friend’

    I hate you.

    -HIS Broken Girl.

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