• Faking love for the night

    by  • November 28, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    What you do to me. There are no words. I got used to having your attention. It wasn’t like it used to be when you had the upper hand. I had you and I knew. I enjoyed it because you weren’t going anywhere. I could be myself and not be up your ass and around the corner because you were still obsessed with me. I started to realize about a year before your dad died. I loved you in that moment to a degree you would never understand. I don’t remember what that was like. Your eyes don’t do to me what his do. But I don’t remember your eyes. I remember kissing you, daaaaaammmmnnnniiiittt. He doesn’t even compare when it comes to that but I feel like I don’t know him because he kisses me different each time we kiss. I wish you had considered my feelings before you did this. You’re always like that having to be the center of attention and needing to be in control which i love and hate about you. I don’t know if even a friendship could bounce back from this, XXXX. I don’t want to be in that group of people don’t you get it yet? There’s just too much hurt. The moment has passed and you said you were jumping and you chickened out. Now the train is God knows where and you’re tucked in safely sleeping laces out with the girl who won’t leave you because you know she needs you and you’re ok with that. What I’m ok with is using my alien antenna to find the nearest town and start over. While you may get there faster and more comfortably you’ll get bored because I’m not there so eventually you’ll be single again twiddling your thumbs with your hunchback pouty face, when will she be here! Sadly, you don’t realize that that town I found has some really amazing people in it and I’m riding shotgun.

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