• You didn’t know

    by  • November 27, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Abuse • 0 Comments

    Dear You,

    You didn’t know that I would never intentionally hurt you. You thought I was content on playing games. You never trusted my love for you, but you didn’t know that no one else in the world could catch my attention after your presence was made known to me. You didn’t know that I would never allow anyone else to touch me, even through this day. You didn’t know that you were my life and that I wished I could die every time you left me due to your thoughts and not my actions. You didn’t know that I suffered through every moment with tears in my eyes and pains in my chest, begging God to make you see me for who I really was. I am so sorry that you did not know the damage you were doing to my life and to my love for you. You mistakenly assumed that I would betray you, but you have betrayed me. You didn’t know that my very life depended on you and now you have let me down. You didn’t know that I have died inside every day for over a year. Tonight when you called and I didn’t answer because I was sleep, you assumed I was with someone and ignoring your call. You didn’t know that I have waited for a thousand calls from you that never came. You didn’t know that I was sleeping and had cried myself to sleep wishing you had loved me enough to save me.

    You didn’t know that I was sick inside and wanted to die because you did not love me enough to care about what was happening to me because of you.

    As I walk away with all of this sorrow in my heart and soul, I will remember that you just didn’t know!

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