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    Dear Eric,

    I say it a million times over to my friends, our friends…i’m done. gone. moving on. and still every time i say it i don’t mean it. I’ve waited for you for nearly a year now. In fact it’ll be a year to the day you told me you loved me in 20 days. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I yell because we aren’t together. I fight with you because i’m trying to fight for you. and now i don’t even know what i’m waiting around for.

    you still love me. when you drunk off your ass. you still love me when other girls are occupying your time.

    I wait for you because before any of this you were my best friend. and now i don’t even know if you’re that.

    i hate you so much because i feel stupid, because you go out and leave me be to stay and wait for your own convenience. i’m the one that goes to bed with my cell phone on in hopes i get a drunk call or text from you.

    and so i lie. and i try to pretend not to care. but truth is i love you. and that doesn’t go away by deleting someone’s number or saying it out loud. i’ll wait for you because i still have hope for us.

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    1. Terri R.
      November 28, 2011 at 10:18 am

      I’m going through the same and a friend told me the following words, they hurt, but they were true. If he loved you, he would would be with you. with you always. I know it hurts? But is worst being alone or pretending seine cares?

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