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    Dear future husband,

    I wish that you were here to hold me. My heart has been broken again and I cannot stand it. Couldn’t you just waltz in and take me away?

    I cannot wait to meet you-maybe we won’t know each other at first, maybe we’ll just be friends. Then one day we’ll look at each other and realize that we were meant to be.

    I hope you know that we’ll fight. I mean, I realize that sometimes I am ridiculous and I get frustrated. And I am sure you have your faults. But I will love you all the more for them.

    Let’s go for walks at night when the stars are drifting across the sky. Let’s do random things together-it will be fun.

    I have so much to tell you. So much I have saved just for you. Please dear, come. I know that I will just have to wait for you-and you will be worth waiting for. I would wait a lifetime for you, though it would be hard.

    I pray life is treating you well and that when we are both ready, God will send us into each other’s lives.

    Ever Yours,


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    1. Danielle
      November 27, 2011 at 12:18 pm

      I write letters to my future husband too… he’s already helping me cope with life and I don’t even know who he is yet. I love him. Yours loves you too. God has the two most awesome men picked out for the both of us. When we finally have them, everything will be set into place. 🙂 <3



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