• “sweep me off my feet, singin ain’t this life so sweet?”

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    I’m okay without you. I love being independent and have learned and grown more than I thought possible, and I still have more growing to do. I have you to thank for that. all of our years and moments together made me who I am. you taught me my worth which is why I can be without you. that being said, it doesn’t mean I want to be without you. I dream vivid dreams of you constantly and I ache to see your shining blue eyes and hear that silly laugh that comes from deep inside your belly. I long for the seemingly insignificant moments we shared. like eating Taylor ham egg and cheese sandwiches on the beach. i close my eyes and try to go back. every moment of every year that we were together plays back in my head and i try so hard to keep them in the past but you are still so very present to me. i would give anything to take the drive up to bethel woods, ny holding your hand and singing along to our favorite songs again.

    i miss you and i love you and want nothing more than for you to find inner peace.

    always and forever..
    your wooby

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