• My wish.

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    Hey T.
    I love you (: I really do.
    There’s nothing I don’t love about you.
    I don’t even notice the things you’re self concious about, which I would have never been able to overlook with any other guy.
    You call me beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning, perfect even.
    You’re crazy.
    You kiss my forehead, my hand, and my cheek. You like holding my hand, and you love cuddling with me.
    You don’t even mind that you have to wait quite a while before you can have ALL of me.
    What kind of amazing guy have I stumbled upon here? You’re everything I want.
    You love me. And that makes me happy. Even if I was terrified to even say that little four-letter word in front of you, in any context, a month ago.
    I wish I deserved you. I wish I was as perfect and amazing as you think I am. Sometimes all I can think, is that one day you’re going to realize you could do ten times better, (and get laid at the same time,) and leave me.

    But I’m going to continue to hide those feelings. Maybe I’m the crazy one.
    For now, I’m just going to love you as best I can, and hope you continue to love me. Even if I’m scared.
    Love, (for as long as you want it,)

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