• My dearest Winter,

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    My dearest Winter,

    Oh, how I’ve missed you. I wait all year for you, and you never fail to return just as lovely as ever. Though many love the summer months, all I can think about during that time is you. The rain, the snow, the wind, the bare trees.. How could I hope for anything more? You give so much. Those who complain just don’t appreciate you and your beauty. You’re unlike anything else. Without you, I wouldn’t be warmed by the fire. Without you, I wouldn’t have my hot drinks. Without you, there’d be no snow trips. No snowballs. No skiing. No Christmas movies. No cheerful and joyous holiday music. I wouldn’t have my cinnamon-sented pinecones. I wouldn’t make gingerbread men, or sugar cookie snowflakes, or thumbprints. I’m so grateful for you. Yes, I’ll be saddened when you leave yet again, but I’ll know in my heart that you’ll be back. I’ll never stop loving you, winter. Throughout my life, I will always have a soft spot for you. Know that. If people could just look past your hard exterior, they would find a soft, bleeding heart aching to be seen and loved for everything you give and you are. You give us all so much. Thank you for being amazing.

    Love always,
    La Colombe

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