• My brothers best friend

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    I remember the first time I met you, I thought “my brother’s friends are getting kinda cute.” And then I awkwardly ran up to you and made a bad first impression. My brother told you to ignore me because I was weird, but you obviously didn’t listen to him. You became my best friend.

    Over that summer we spent so much time together. I honestly couldn’t get enough of you. We stayed up all night laughing, talking, and cooking, countless amounts of times. We would play wrestle each other and have inside jokes. I felt young again.

    Before you I felt old. I was in a relationship with a guy you still don’t like very much. And without knowing it, you gave me the motivation to move on from that. You helped me notice there was more to live for. I woke up everymorning excited to see you and Everytime I came home from work I hoped your car would be in my driveway.

    Things got hard for me when I had to go back to school. I missed you. I really didn’t expect it to happen. It just did. I wanted give with you. I missed our sleepovers. I came home at times just to see you and you told me you wanted to go to the same college as me. We talked almost every day

    Then one day I saw that you had a girlfriend. I didn’t tell you… but the thought of that killed me. I was jealous and had no right to be. I called you to cancel my plans to come home and you begged me to come back. I was so upset with you that I almost didn’t, but I missed you and you said you missed me. So I did. I have no clue why, I couldn’t say no.

    When I came home it was homecoming night and I was invited to dinner. When I showed up late I said hi to your mom and ignored you… it wasn’t that hard considering you were surrounded by people. I sat with my brothers girlfriend.

    Eventually you called me over and gave me your homecoming crown. Your mom said you were excited to give it to me. And then you came over by where I was sitting and we laughed about something silly. I wore your crown all through dinner. Your girlfriend didnt say much, and I obviously didn’t like the girl.

    That night you came home and were really quiet. I could tell things didn’t go well. We staid up late and talked about everything but your girlfriend. You were exhausted and eventually passed out.

    One day you message me and told you were breaking up with her, because she didn’t get you. Because she wasn’t random and outgoing yet mature at the same time, like we were. I was glad you noticed. Because thats exactly what I love about you.

    I can’t deny to myself the feelings I have developed for you. I just hope that I am not the one in the friendship who wants more while the other doesn’t. I decided to wait till you get into college… but I don’t want to wait that long to tell you.

    I want to mean more to you.

    I want to stay awake for so many more nights together. And I want us to be happy 🙂 everything is better when I’m with you.

    You mean the world to me and I hope one day I will mean the same to you <3


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