• Mitch,

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    hey stranger,
    thats what you are now. I’m not here to bash you, or beg for you back… because i don’t want you anymore haha. I’m here to tell you to stop talking about me, good or bad. i want you to stop caring. i want you out of my life. being my neighbor means shit now. just because you live next door doesn’t mean you are incapable of closing off your feelings towards me. regardless, if you’re not over me… you don’t need to show it by immaturity through talking about me to MY FRIENDS. yeah MZ is one of your friends too.. but does that give you a right to talk about me to her? no. this proves that you have yet to change, thus showing you why i don’t want to talk or be friends. your friend michael… he sucks. and you know it. he doesn’t know me, or anything about our previous relationship. pretty sure he has never had one, so how would he know what’s right and wrong? pretty sure he’s never been in love, pretty sure he has no idea what it does to a person. h/e none of that matters now… just sucks you can’t see it. but you obviously can’t control that big mouth of yours.
    so hears my last bit of advice…
    stfu. you’ve got one friend.
    you’re a cheater, a liar… and an immature boy who has shown that he can’t change
    no matter how badly he hurts a person.
    the girl you will never have back

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