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    Right now I feel an unknown yet familiar source of inspiration. When I feel that inspiration, I feel like there’s a person inside of me that’s being unleashed, a person that waited for that moment to show herself. That person is the real me.

    Out of all my favorite inspiration sources, there is one above all the rest. It’s above the stars, the ocean, a beautiful breeze that sweeps the leaves in fall, it’s above wintertime, Christmas, and it’s above a first snow fall. Sometimes, it is above even God Himself. My favorite source of inspiration makes me look deep inside myself, to the real me in a way that no other does.

    This source of inspiration and creativity that I speak of is you. You give me the energy to live another day, to look inside myself and release the “unleashed person.” I am forever grateful to God for giving you to me. I don’t know where I’d be without you

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