• I hate you.

    by  • November 27, 2011 • To You • 0 Comments


    I fucking hate you. You figured after over ten years I would have gotten used to you yet everyday I hate you more and more. You are such a piece of shit, I don’t know what my mom sees in you. You’re a fucking addict to alcohol and nicotine – because of you the smell of beer and cigarettes makes me gag. I hate the lingering smell you leave throughout the house when you walk by. You are full of broken promises and lies. It’s funny because you throw my dad in my face saying how he is a low life asshole yet you are no better than he is. Sure he walked out on his family and fucked up big time but at least he never talked down to us. Remember on the car ride home you were bitching because someone called you out on your alcoholism and you took it out on my mom, yelling and screaming saying if it wasn’t for you we would be no where. I finally got sick of hearing you put her down and put you in your place. You didn’t know what to say when I told you to shut the fuck up and how you were a piece of shit. “I won’t have a teenager tell me to shut the fuck up or what to do with my life.” Well guess what? SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’m sick of listening to your constant bitching, you’re so fucking miserable with yourself you take it out on everyone else. You drink and smoke like it’s going out of style and it’s fucking disgusting. I honestly won’t feel an ounce of sadness when you’re told you have cancer throughout your body or that your liver is shutting down from drowning in alcohol. It’s time you grow the fuck up and get over yourself. And quit lying, you’re a horrible liar. “Oh I have been stuck in traffic for 4 hours on the way home from work.” You’re a fucking joke, seriously. You’re all talk and only care about yourself. I tried to forgive you time and time again and just accept the facts for my moms sake but you just push me further and further every day. I hope you get pulled over and get a DUI the next time you drive home drunk from your friends house. I hope you lose your job and everything you’ve ever worked for, then maybe you’ll wake up and realize all the mistakes you’ve made. Because obviously your twin brother passing away didn’t even phase you and the only thing you are concerned about since your dad has died is how unfairly the will was made. Take a step back and look at yourself – is this really the life you want to lead? You’re going to end up pushing everyone away and die lonely and miserable.

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