• How I feel about you

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    Whenever I think about being in a relationship, I think about you. You always get the way of other guys. You’re stopping me from moving on. Whenever I try to forgot you, a situation occurs that makes me think about you. You tear me apart inside because I’ll never be with you and never be the sort of person that you want.

    I want to move on but I can’t because of how I feel about you. I’ll always love you. I’ll always want you.

    On the other hand though, I’m scared. Scared that you’ll marry ‘her’ and not me. I cry every time I think about you proposing to her and being with her forever. I know its selfish, but she won’t love you the way I would. The way I feel about you is spinning me out of control and everything’s a mess. You really have my heart. Give it back to me so I can give it to someone else, but do I want to give it to someone else, even though its completely and utterly wasted on you?
    I guess this means that I’m yours whether you want me to be or not doesnt it?

    I love you. I love you so much. It all happened so fast and and I don’t know how it did. I just fell in love with you. Something about you made me do that.
    My heart will always be broken because I won’t have your love and you will marry her I know you will…

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