• What Could Be

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    What do you do when the person you love is also the person who brings you the most pain?

    It hurts to be with him when he treats me the way he does, making me feel like i’m not good enough, putting doubt and insecurities in my head, i begin to wonder if all of the bad times are worth the good times we share.

    What keeps me from leaving him is the idea of him. He seems like the perfect guy for me. He is attractive (like you wouldn’t believe), he’s wealthy, my parents love him, he shares in many of my beliefs and interests, but somehow something is missing.

    I’ve had relationships in the past where although they didn’t work out, me and my guy at the time had fun together!! I can honestly say nobody made me laugh like him, we we’re easily each others best friends. But with my current guy theres just not the same chemistry, well sure on the rare occasion we have some laughs. But overall i just feel like there is something missing. Even though he is the perfect guy on paper.

    My question to you is what should i do? Should i stay with someone just because the idea of him seems like it will be great? What if i regret never knowing what could’ve been with him…

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    1. Anonymous
      November 26, 2011 at 1:51 pm

      Dating is not lifetime commitment. I did it and realized even best friendship without passion is not enough to base a commitment on. If you try, not marriage, date exclusively, then you will not regret never having known because you will find out. Many an unhappy married couple because the relationship “made sense”. That’s not enough. Imagine if someone married YOu feeling that way?



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