• The Girl You Left

    by  • November 26, 2011 • Heartbreak • 0 Comments


    Do you remember me? I’m the girl you left crying in an empty apartment that summer night. Where did you go? Back home? because you’re gone now. the sound of you riding around on your skateboard and singing never wakes me up in the morning, because it isn’t there. I have no one to sneak out and see in the middle of the night. No one to hug me when everyone else is screaming at me. I don’t even try to text you anymore. The conversations are always the same. Meaningless and dull.

    Do you recall loving me? Telling me I’m beautiful? giving me your jacket when it was cold and i was shivering? How about holding me when I would cry? Or do you just regret all of that?

    I give up. i don’t care anymore. you were the only thing thing keeping me breathing. For the longest time, no one cared, but you did. And that kept me going. Ever since you left, i got stronger. I was always strong until you came, and when you left it all came back. My own strength saved me. not yours. Because I’ll never forget the night you left me. sobbing in that empty apartment. I hope the thought makes you cringe.

    It took hours just for me to stand up. I went home and stayed in my bed for days. Then school started, and i grew up. Now I just want you to know that i do NOT forgive you. Mkay. Thanks for every god damn thing. Every painful moment, every heart-wrenching breath, every cut I made… Goodbye.

    -the Girl You Left

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