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    It’s starting to hit.

    I don’t know how I’ll handle it. I hope it’s with class and grace, subtly and maybe even a little dignity. I hope we both come out stronger people. I told myself over and over again it was for the right reasons – and it was – but I hate that even as we hurt, I can’t help but want his attention too. I’m sorry for that. I hope you never have to know.

    I don’t even want him. I just like the idea of him. Ridiculous isn’t it? He represents what I think I want – but what I want in you. The drive, determination. He has many amazing qualities, but he’ll never be you. He’ll never care about me they way you do, understand me the way you do. In all actuality I think he’s kind of a brat. What does that make me for wanting his attention?

    I’m going to try this time, susceptible as I am this time of year. Being alone will be good for me. I just want you to know, I’ll always love you. But content isn’t good enough, not now when we’re so young. Good luck. To the both of us.

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