• another stupid love poem

    by  • November 26, 2011 • Heartbreak, Waxing Poetic • 1 Comment

    I reach for the phone to call you
    Knowing that ultimately
    I won’t
    Our “relationship”
    Was never based on
    Phone calls or long talks
    Or even love
    It was a chemical reaction
    Unplanned, unstoppable
    A derailed train
    A misstep and
    The free fall that followed
    And one thousand other metaphors
    For a mistake made in the blinding fog
    Of love
    No, not love
    That’s not where we were
    Or even where we were heading
    But the hole you left
    Feels like the aching chasm
    That can only be caused
    By long lost loves
    You weren’t that, though
    You were a fling
    So I flung you
    Out my drivers’ side window
    As I careened down a highway
    Determined to feel sane / safe / normal
    And secure in my own skin
    Without you sitting
    Beside me
    Your beautiful hand gravitating between my legs
    (I’ve never been one to litter)
    Instead I’m lost
    Gasping for breath
    Feeling pained / unbalanced / awkward
    Without someone to hold me
    So I pick up the phone to ask
    If you would have been that person
    Or if you could have
    (I was always unsure of your ability to love me)
    Because the not knowing
    Is worse than the heartache that will come
    When you say no
    But I put the phone down
    And reach for my pen
    What a good
    I turned out to be

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    1. ANEWDAY
      November 27, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      right on the dot for this whole thanksgiving week. i feel this one.



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