• You’re still with me

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    It’s been almost 7 months since we ended, but as much as the time changes, my feelings don’t. I still love you with every little fiber of my being and I have to say that this is the first time I’ve admitted that.

    It pains me that we ended not because we wanted to, or because we fell out of love, or because someone cheated…but because we were mature enough to make the conscious decision that college was making us tear each other apart. Distance brought us so many meaningless little fights. Every night I find myself regretting the way I handled the little things; they seemed so big at the time.

    We’re home on our first college break since we’ve split and I hate it. I hate how much I still love you and how much I wonder what you’re thinking. I hate that you’re so sweet to me every time you see me, and that I would still do anything for you. You are home to me. You are high school to me. You are my freshman and sophomore years of college… and you are still my whole heart.

    I care about you more than I have ever cared for anyone. You are the first person I completely gave myself to. The years we spent together have been some of the best years of my life. You made me a better person, your influence on me still resonates to this day, and for that I am so grateful. Thank you for the continuous laughs, all the love you gave me, and for giving yourself to me.

    If you ever saw this, what Im really trying to tell you is that I miss you, you still have all of me, and I’d still have you if you let me…I’m just way too scared to tell you.


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