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    I know the circumstances surrounding our relationship were complex and strained for most of the time we were together, but I did care about you. I might have cared more or less than I remember as our time was many years ago when I was young and forgetful, but I do know that I cared. I can only assume, because you said as much, that you cared for me as well.

    That said, you did me wrong, sir. You simply stopped talking to me. You started seeing someone else. When I saw you next, before I had the chance to even say hello, I was introduced to your new girlfriend by your best friend. All I did was smile and nod and nice to meet you before excusing myself.

    You could have told me. You could have neatly broken things off. You could have said that you found someone else and you didn’t want to see me anymore. But you didn’t. You didn’t say anything. Even when I met her, you didn’t say anything.

    That was the last time you didn’t talk to me.

    I know you will never read this because you’re dead. I know that that your friends didn’t like that I went to your funeral, especially your girlfriend. I know that they whispered and glared until I left.

    But know that I did care for you. And that I miss you, still, even after all these years.

    I’m sorry things turned out the way they did.


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