• Pathetic

    by  • November 25, 2011 • Bitch! • 1 Comment

    Really? The more I think about this situation, the more it boggles my mind.

    You just graduated high school. Couldn’t get into a good college because you barely have enough intelligence to fill out a Facebook status update, so you have to settle with a community college. You literally have 0 friends. You go run with the high school cross country team because you have no friends your age. It’s pathetic. You’re pathetic

    And you’ve been dating the same worthless guy for 5 years! You’re married and you aren’t even old enough to buy beer! You think he’s the one, you think he’s more special than anybody else. And he’s just worthless, but you’re scared that you can’t get better. That’s because you can’t.

    So when you call me for a friend to talk to, to vent to, to release your deepest feelings and then tell the whole world that I’ve been calling and bugging you, I really feel sorry for you now. I would normally be raging that someone would do this to me. But not this time. All I have is the deepest sympathy in my heart for you. You are pathetic, you’re life is pathetic, and you disappoint your parents in every way. I would be embarrassed to date you, be your friend, or be your parent.

    You, girl I thought was amazing, are a pathetic piece of trash. I’m gonna go live life. Something you’ll never truly be able to do

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    1. char
      January 5, 2012 at 10:16 am

      ummm…you say this person literally has 0 friends, but I find that hard to believe if she’s married….and if she really loves this guy and thinks he’s special, why do you care? Why do you have to get mad about it? O.o



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