• Mistaken Love

    by  • November 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Relief • 0 Comments

    My whole life, I had set you as my goal. I told my self numerous of time that you are the only one who made my life complete. When I am near you I feel this kind of attraction which I had never felt before. All this time, I had thought I am in love with you. I thought that you were the love of my life, but today I had finally realize I was wrong all along. I spent my whole day with you but only to realize that I was blinded by my imagination. We had no connections at all, well not the chemistry ones at least. I guess the only reason why i get mad at you when you were around girls was because I was afraid of letting you get hurt. I didn’t want to see you end up like I did in the past. I guess what I am trying to say is I never felt “love” (Boyfriend/girlfriend) love for you. I had always felt friend or even like a family love for you. You are like the little brother I never had. I guess being the youngest all the time, I needed a little brother or sister which I can share my experiences with. I do love you but just as a close friend. You never loved me and I never loved you. This was just a part of my imagination. I spent most of my time on you and now that I had finally see the truth, I can pull myself out and see the world in a better perspective. I love you as a close friend. This is our relationship together and nothing more.

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