• I understand, but I don’t understand

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    My lover; my life; my devotion; my best friend,

    You just stole my breath away. Took all the words from my mouth. Pulled the world right out from underneath my feet.

    Today you came over and sat me down with a worried look in your eye. I know you well enough to know when things are not alright. You took me by the hands and looked me in the eye and said how you always tried to be honest with me; my heart just sank. I knew where this was headed. Just like a train wreck, even if you can see it happening you can’t do anything about it. “We just got so serious so fast,” you told me. “I just need a break to figure all my stuff out.”

    I love you. I have loved you since the day we met. I’ve never met another man that makes me feel the way you do. You make me feel safe and give me butterflies all at the same time. I will never stop loving you which is why I will let you go. All things that are meant to be will not be lost forever, rather leave in an attempt to better themselves and return to that familiar place in your arms.

    I love you Brandon Joseph, and I will wait for as long as I can. My heart is only for you. Follow your heart my Midshipmen. You make me so proud.

    Love now and forever,
    A. Leigh

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