• I need to tell you.

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    I love you, first & foremost. You are the man I wanna spend my forever with & grow old with. What I’m about to tell you doesn’t factor into my feelings for you.

    I’m a terrible person. I’ve cheated on you, with 4 different guys. Don’t ask me why I did it. I can’t give you a logical reason why I did it. It’s not like the sex meant anything. When I sleep with you I can look up into your eyes & feel a warmth. A spark I’ve never felt with anyone. I can be open & honest with what I want & need.

    I told you up front that I’m not good with monogamy & I said I would try & for that sake I haven’t told you this. I love you from the very pits of my soul, & you complete me. If I tell you what I’ve done you’ll leave & in all reality I can’t blame you for doing that. It’s what any sane person would do. I can’t tell you, I’m afraid.

    If you bring it up I’ll be honest but I can’t open of the dialog.

    I <3 you babe.

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