• i hate you.

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    you took me upstairs. you said he wanted another “dance party.” we were the only ones. I don’t know how, but we started making out. I was sitting on you.

    you picked me up and carried me across the room to the other couch. your tongue felt weird, foreign in my mouth. you laid me down, then got on top of me.

    you asked if he could eat me out. i said no. you unzipped my pants and fingered me. you then put my hand in your pants, i grabbed your butt, then your penis.

    i didn’t know what i was doing.

    then you went down on me. when you came back up i quickly pulled my jeans up and rebuttoned them. you undid your pants, and put your penis in my mouth.

    i remember thinking “i am going to hate myself in the morning for this.”

    you then undid my pants again. Kevin and Ethan pulled you off me. i quickly pulled my pants back up, and stumbled downstairs to a twin bed where another girl was. you came on top of me briefly wanting another kiss. i refused at first then gave in.

    then i passed out.

    i hate you. God tells me to forgive you. i don’t think i ever will be able to. i can never go to our class reunion for fear of seeing you. you ruined my graduation night.

    i hate you.

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