• How could you?

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    Dear Echo,
    So recently you and Chelsea had a huge argument over how terrible we are as friends. And I guess I have a few things to say. First off I don’t know where you get your views from. I can see where I have made some mistakes and haven’t been the the perfect friend but neither have you. And second which should be first but, what the fuck is wrong with you?? how dare you tell me my family thinks we are above everyone else, and that everyone is our charity case!!! I have never once in my life done that and it hurts me wicked bad for you to say that. You were my BEST FRIEND. Until you went into fucking public school. And I remember that last summer before you went in. you were so scared of conforming, and becoming just like everyone else and you begged me to let you know if you were becoming like that and I promised you I would. And then when we were in school together, yeah I was with bobby and yeah I spent almost all of my time with him, but I didn’t see you cutting out special time with me from Max, so why should I have done so?? and then you began to avoid talking to me. So many times I would try to talk to you and you would listen for about 2 minutes and then next thing I know you were listening to the other people. Who were suddenly your “group” I know for a fact that I embarrassed you and that’s why you didn’t want to associate with me. You tried to get me to join the group and the few times I tried I was literally blocked out and you didn’t try in the least to make me apart of it. What type of friend is that??? how could you even call yourself a friend? And then to make matter worse as soon as we were outside of those brick walls you were all gung ho about us being best friends. At the Christmas shop I remember distinctly you telling me I was your best friend and all this shit and then a week later you were suddenly pissed at me telling me how unreliable I was as a friend. You made me feel like shit. You said I brought you to your lowest point in life, well you know what echo??? you brought me to my lowest point way before I happened to bring you to yours…and you know what I let it go I tried to be your friend again. And NOT because you were my fucking charity case!!! I don’t do FUCKING CHARITY CASES!!!! I am NOT like that. I let it go cuz I love you and you were the best friend I had ever had. We went through so much together. Who was there when the whole nick thing went on? Who was there when times were shit with max? Who was always there when you just needed to vent?? It was ME echo!!! god dammit I don’t even know why I’m bothering writing this. You will turn it back around on me I know you will. And I’m not trying to say I am 100% innocent I know I am not but that gives you no right to tell me I am the one completely at fault and you are not the maiden in distress here you are not fucking perfect. You conformed and I know its what you HAD to do. I get it but did you have to make me feel like shit? You know I am so scared of meeting new people I’m scared that they will think just like you and say I act like they are my CHARITY CASE. It sucks! It hurts so much I want to scream. And it kills me cuz I know you wont even process any of this. You will just get angry and feel like I am attacking you. And I guess in a sense I might be but honestly I am just telling you how I feel. It kills me that we ar’nt friends anymore. I miss those times where we would stay up late together talking and talking for hours. And how we would laugh hysterically over nothing. And our walks through town at night. And all those things. And now I see you have these facebook posts about girl time with other girls, girls like Sarah Bouchard. All those girls you use to bitch about and now you hang out with them, you are one of them….i guess I don’t know what to say anymore….you really were my best friend though and I loved you like a sister. I never mean to hurt you and I also never mean to make you feel like my charity case. I hope someday you will forgive me and realize your accusations towards me are not true
    Me and only me

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