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    There are a few things we need to get straightened out.

    1. Yes, you’ve made it QUITE clear that you dated my boyfriend in high school. You’ve made it clear that he loved you and that you loved him, and that you had a special connection to him. Yeah I get it, honey. But guess what? He’s mine now. He has been for two years, and he will be for a long long time. So hop off.

    2. He has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend is me. We are in love with each other. We are best friends and I couldn’t ask for a better person for me. So why are you trying to cause problems? Why do you constantly feel the need to flirt with HIM, text HIM, invite HIM over, instead of all the other single hot boys in our school? Grow up, home wrecker.

    3. I truly do think you’re a nice girl. You’re funny, smart, and overall a friendly person. Sometimes a little too friendly. With the wrong people. Dev, I can see the way you act around him. And I know you can see me as you do it, so why do you do it? Are you really immature enough to do it on purpose? Really cool, dev.

    4. There is no need to text my boyfriend at 11 at night to ask about the italian homework, when there are twenty other people to ask (and you probably knew what it was anyways). Also, there is no need to text him in the morning to say good morning. HE IS NOT YOURS ANYMORE.

    5. I’m not gonna deny that he likes flirting with you. He’s a dude, and you’re a willing flirt. But at the end of the day, I know that he loves me more than he ever loved you and that I am his girl. Not you. So hop off dev. Seriously.

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