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    Dear J,
    Hi. Remember me? Yeah i’m your cousin. The one you lived with, for months. Remember me? The one that relied on you? The one that was there for you when you were dealing with so much shit? Yeah, that’s me. Your cousin, your ‘baby’ cousin.

    I don’t understand, you lived with my family and I for months and now you hardly talk to any of us anymore. I guess you are like your mom, the one that you hated so much, but now you’re best friends with her. You do use people until you need them, then you kick them to the curb. I guess we weren’t supposed to be friends forever. I don’t care that you fucked me over, but what i care about is that you lied to my mom. My mom was the one that welcomed you into our house, after hardly knowing you, she welcomed you into our house and gave you a place to stay.

    But from now on, i’m ignoring you. I’m tired of being the one to text you saying i miss you or that we need to hang out. You want me in your life, make an effort to keep me there.

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