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    Dear E,

    This is going to sound crazy, but I do like you. I like you a lot… A LOT! I’d give anything to get to now you better but you know as well as I do, that it would be just pointless.

    I’m here for just a year. One year. Even if I’d get to know you real well I’d still have to go away after 9 months and what will we have then? distant-relationship? Come on, we’d never manage that!

    Even though I know all of that I want to be with you. I see you in my dreams- you visit them pretty often. And I want to lay in bed with you. I want to use you as my model and take pictures of you. I want to talk to you for 4 hours without getting tired. I just want you!

    I see the looks you send me in our English class. I see the look in your eyes when we walk past each other in the hallway. I see the sparkles in your eyes when you talk to me. And you still don’t have the courage to ask me out?

    You know that I can’t make the first move- you know! It’s forbidden for me, being in the second year, to ask you out first. You’re a senior, come on! You know I’d come out with you, you know! What are you afraid of?

    I like you a lot. I’d grow to love you if you’d just let me. Please let me!

    See you in the first lesson on Monday,

    please E
    Just ask me out.


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