• A Little Schpeal

    by  • November 25, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    i met your old girlfriend
    the one you call a dime
    she’s prettier than i thought she was
    i want some seltzer and some lime

    i hated that she came in
    and acted like you were hers
    she had her boyfriend with her
    to me she’s like a cowboys spurs.

    i know this poem’s awful
    because i’m not too good at this stuff
    but if you’d look a little closer
    you’d see my heart’s not tough

    i leave before i’m broken
    but i break every time i leave
    and if you leave me for her
    i’ll really be left to grieve

    i’m trusting you with more of me
    than i ever intended to til now
    i just hope you’ll have more sense
    and know i don’t know how

    how i let myself fall for you
    in the one second that we met
    or how i waited around here
    to be caught up by your net

    i don’t know how i’m holding in
    all the little things i want to say
    i don’t know how you’re not helping me
    to get them out of the way

    you know i’m insecure about this
    and you know i want you as mine
    but i’m only going to wait for you
    if you can count me as thine

    i don’t want to wait to hear i’m pretty
    when you say she’s the prettiest girl
    i don’t want to wait to meet anyone
    new people make me want to hurl

    i just want to know
    that for now i am me
    and being me is as good
    as anything could be

    and if being me is good
    and if being with you is ideal
    then i hope you’ll realize that
    and give me a little schpeal.

    that when you say you love me,
    you want to use your last name.
    and when you’re known everywhere
    you’ll remember me in your fame.

    and that maybe someday we’ll have children
    even though that’s far away
    and maybe they’ll have your smile
    and it’ll light up my every day.

    and maybe you’ll see my eyes on one of them
    and it’ll keep your heart real warm
    just like you keep me
    when i’m laying with you in your dorm.

    i hope you’ll say i’m yours forever
    and then i’ll surely reply
    that unless you decide otherwise
    it is only in your arms that i will lie.

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