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    To my lost friend
    So here we are, and there is so much left unsaid that won’t be said. Things like, thank you and sorry. Thank you for listening and for caring when no-one else did. Thank you for being my one true best friend I’ve ever had. I know it sounds stupid but you were there when I needed someone or just wanted to talk. Its easy to underestimate the value of a friend like that while you have them. But now that that friendship is gone for what is most likely forever it doesn’t go unmissed. I could tell you things you already know like how I felt or the pain you caused me back then, but that’s nothing your not already aware of.

    Now that I’m in a different part of my life and I’m happy with someone and so are you I’m glad you decided to start hanging out with me once more. I know we will never be anything close to what we once were friends wise but it is my fondest of hopes that you’d be willing to try. And I know it will be hard at least for me, because there are brief moments once in a while that I get a flash of the Feelings i once had but i know those are only memories and nothing more.

    i miss you, i miss the friendship we had and i miss the person that you brought out in me back then. and evan though your mind is already set and nothing i say will change it i just want to to know where i stand.

    your friend

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    1. reader1
      November 24, 2011 at 11:19 pm

      tell her, she clearly means a lot to you. this is one letter you should send before its to late



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