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    Okay, I know you are currently dating another girl. I just wish you could see that she’s not the one for you. I’ve tried to help, but honestly, it’s too awkward.

    She loves you. And I can tell that you can barely return the favor. And me, your constant friend, is always helping out in the sidelines. And I knew it was coming. I finally succumbed to my feelings for you. Can you tell? DO you love me in return?

    I’m being cryptic. What do I even want? I want to be yours. I also want to stay single for a while. I wish I knew how you felt. I think you like me back, but how can I be sure? Oh the drama.

    Point is, I wish you knew how I felt. And I wish you felt the same way. I wish everything would magically work out. Of course it will. It always does in the end. But why does the process have to be so confusing? I wish I knew how you felt.

    I don’t know what to think.

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