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    I really don’t think I’m a pessimist.
    I mean, people tell me I’m a pessimist, but aren’t pessimists people that see no hope, no possibilities in life?

    I’m the kind of person who tries to focus on the positives in life, but the negatives seem to overpower me.

    But I see so many possibilities and beauty in this world.
    The problem is, all the possibilities I see in the world never seem to be achieved.

    But from last month onward I have decided that I will go out of my way to achieve at least the ones I am capable of doing.

    So far I have decided I will…

    Hand make Christmas cards and then sell them door to door everyday from December 18th to December 24th and hope for the best. Then from the money I make, no matter how little it is, I will send it all to charity.

    I live in an apartment, and next to the apartment building there is a brick wall approximately 10 meters away with a few trees. I’m going to write a letter to whoever is in charge of that area asking if we can plant some more greenery, so that when people wake up and look outside in the morning, they could see the beauty of nature, rather than a reminder of the industrial world we are so enveloped in.

    I’m going to make a vision board and put it in front of my bed, so that when I wake up each day I can see a little bit of hope and happiness on my wall.

    I will make a box, and try to get my friends to make some too, with hygiene supplies and toys and educational object, etc. and give the box(es) to a homeless shelter.

    Once I get string for friendship bracelets, I will try to get some friends with me and we will make as many bracelets as possible and then sell them and give the money, once again, to charity.

    and finally…

    I will keep writing Letters I’ll Never Send posts, hoping that they’ll give hope, inspiration, or even put a hint of a smile on someone’s face. And if I can make one person feel like they’re not alone… well, what more can someone ask for?

    If any one of these things sounds like something you want or can do, please do it because you could really change yours/someone else’s life.

    – T

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    1. kay
      November 24, 2011 at 10:29 pm

      Wow. Reading that brought a smile to my face. Its very inspirational. I’m sure you’ll brighten many people’s days if you can achieve it all.

      Good luck!. 🙂

    2. Kat
      November 24, 2011 at 11:15 pm

      Thanks T… Your words inspired me…

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