• Who Was More Wrong?

    by  • November 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    I made the decision to make you mine,
    You made the decision to lie and lie.
    You made my world shine,
    I hurt you time after time.
    It was the Month of Love when we both took a look;
    Maybe this love story didn’t belong in a book.
    Almost two years it took,
    For us to stop being suspended, hooked.
    Love, for a while, had us high.
    We laughed, smiled, had good times, You and I.
    But those two words together weren’t as bad as you saying
    “I love you, I love you, but I’m not staying.”
    You told me the truth, and the truth hurts.
    Through our kisses and laughs, you had other flirts.
    I screamed, I cried, you cheated, you lied.
    In silence I bared it, while you just had to share it.
    “She was a fool, and easy to get, but our love was a regret.”
    He had other girls for sex, and other girls next after next.
    He spent most his time making me jealous,
    I spent all my time crying at night, restless.
    I spoke to a God I never believed,
    “Why me, why me, I’m only fifteen.”
    I shook at school, that he started to rule.
    I’d hide and cry, while he spoke more lies.
    He saw me weak, and friendless, no one would speak
    To a girl that’s a “whore” a “cheater” a “skank.”
    No one would silence him, or stand up for me.
    A girl that was left with nothing else, you see?
    What did I do, I grabbed a razor.
    Heart broken, mistaken, a little bit crazier.
    And I said to this world, “I’ll see you later.”
    But that morning I woke up, in a lesser condition, a broken teacup.
    With sheets stained, still alive and a bit drained
    Of all the happiness, dead and gone.
    While he just tramps around knowing that he’s won.

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