• Stuck in his past

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    dear marlies,
    I don’t know you, yet I hate you so much. I hate you because if you had never existed in my boyfriend’s past then he and I wouldn’t be having problems in the physical part of our relationship because of the pictures of him and you that I found in his email. You are such a slut, like seriously, letting a guy who wasn’t even your boyfriend take pictures of you sucking his cock, how much of a slut do you have to be to do that???? You are such a shame, girls like you give women a bad name. I hate you so much, that I don’t care how long ago that was, if I see you I’m gonna tell you how lowly I think of you. I can’t believe my boyfriend was stupid enough to let me meet you in may because that just makes it so much worse. Losing my virginity to my boyfriend was a very big deal to me because unlike you I’m not a slut who sleeps around with everyone. And it just makes it hurt that I found out that he did it with a dirty slut like you. He told me that I was the only Person he had ever felt comfortable with having sex with and that kept me going but those pictures just broke the only thing I could hold onto. You make me want my virginity back, I want it back, it’s not that I don’t love my boyfriend, I just wish I knew about all that stuff before I slept with my boyfriend so that half of my relationship with him didn’t feel like just a big lie. I really can’t stand that I met you, the thought that I met you, that he introduced me to you, haunts my mind every day and I just want the thought gone, I want it gone, gone, GONE because I love him so much, because he’s the only guy I have ever really loved it hurts me so much that you will never understand and you will never care because all you are is a dumb slut with no future. I hate you so much…I wish I could go back in time and keep him from meeting you. You’re a bitch, you’re everything I hate. I want to love my bf the same way I did but I can’t, I can’t and I blame you, you make me cry every night because the person I gave my most important thing to lost his pearl to you, I wouldn’t care if he lost it to Robyn because he loved her, but you, you’re a stupid slut who didn’t even respect her own body. I hate people like you so much and it hurts me so much that my boyfriend was with someone like you…..I’m afraid that the thoughts of you and him are never going to stop haunting me. You’re such a horrible person, the gifts of life mean nothing to you but they mean everything to me. Please get out of my head! He loves me and not you, he’s changed so much for the good because he loves me so leave me alone and let me stop crying at night for something that doesn’t even matter anymore. Let me love him again like I
    Used to. I want to fully erase you from his life….

    Yet I can’t

    Because deep down I know if it never happened, Robyn wouldn’t have had the problems with him that she did, and so they wouldn’t have ever broke up because the feelings you left between them wouldn’t have been there, and if it hadn’t been that way he would have never met me.

    He wouldn’t have had someone with him while he had health problems and had to get a surgery because neither of them showed that day only me. And I told him it was ok and loved him like neither of you had. I kept him company in the cold hospital when no one was there and kept him calm when he was afraid. I tell him I love him every night and recognize how much he loves me too. I’m not just a slut bitch like you marlies because I care for him like for everyone else I love, yet I thank you, because if you hadnt been a stupid girl, he would have been alone and scared earlier this year, and I wouldn’t have learned the meaning of real love.

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