• Mine.

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    I never ever thought you would be mine. I thought we would just be the best of friends. Until that one day in August when you said you were in love with me. my heart soared. I’ve loved you for a long time, but just told myself to push it away. You’d never love me like that. But you do.

    You said that you didn’t want to date me, that you wanted to wait. That crushed me. I thought that we would start dating. But you made me wait. and wait. for three months i waited. I talked with my friends about it. And they told me to just make that jump. to do it. i talked with your best friend. he told me that the idea of a relationship scares most guys shitless. but he also told me that you really do love me. that he’s never seen you be this head over heels about anyone. that he’s never seen you care about anyone but yourself. and he told me that you and i have the best relationship. it’s based on friendship and love. not sex and lust. of course i had my fears. will i be enough for you? what if we lose a friendship? what if you really don’t love me? what if we get hurt? but i made my decision. i dumped HIM. the one thing that was standing in our way. the boy i was using to see if you were just an obsession. a little fleeting thought in my mind. but you weren’t. you always came back into my mind whenever the tiniest thing would remind me of you. i finally just brought it up. “Sweetheart, let’s just do it. let’s finally just go official.” and we did. we started dating. you make me the happiest girl in the world. i’m in love with my best friend, and that’s all i could ever ask for.

    you support me. you love me. you care for me. and i’ve never been happier. sure this is cheesy, but you really do complete me. you know who i am. we think the same way. we want the same things from each other.

    You’re finally mine. And I’m finally happy.

    I will love you forever darling.
    I can’t say it enough how i feel about you.

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