• Love when…

    by  • November 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Thanksgiving • 1 Comment

    I love when you kiss my head
    You love when i stroke your hair
    I love when you grab my hand
    You love when i take your arm
    I love when you hug from behind
    You love when i run and tackle you
    I love when you start the cuddling
    You love when i duck under your arm
    I love how tall you are
    You love bending down to kiss me
    I love when you squeeze me tight
    You love when i nibble your ear
    I love your butterfly kisses
    You love going shopping for me
    I love when you send me flowers
    You love when i kidnap you
    I love when you visit me after school
    You love when i massage your hands
    I love when you braid me hair
    You love when we dance outside in the dark
    I love driving you around town
    You love laying by the pool and holding hands
    I love your dreams and ambitions
    You love introducing me as your girlfriend
    I love how jealous everyone is of us
    You love that i dumped him for you
    I love that you work so hard to make us
    You love that I always wear my heels
    I love that you always look your best
    You love that i don’t see your past
    I love that we both have the same sort of life
    You love that we can go to operas together
    I love that being physical isn’t a priority
    You love that i can talk about marriage
    I love that you love me so much
    You love that i play the violin
    I love that you support me
    You love that I’m a curvy girl
    I love that you spend the night to hold me
    You love that i can be the big spoon
    I love that you are mine.
    You love that i am yours.
    We love that we are perfect for each other.

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    1. Katie
      November 24, 2011 at 2:04 pm

      this is simply beautiful; you to must really be crazy for each other.

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