• Finally Happy

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    I told you that i didn’t want a relationship. I told you that I wanted him and ONLY him, and i was just waiting on him. i told you that you were that guy who was just an in between. i never said that i loved you. so why did you think that we were in a relationship? why did you think i wanted you? why did you think you were the one? why did you think i loved you?

    you cried. you begged. you didn’t want to leave. but then you started to come around.

    when i started dating him, you seemed ok. until that night in my car when you told me that i wasn’t happy. you had me in a rage. i’m the only one who truly knows if i’m happy or not. and he makes me happier than you EVER could. and then you kissed me. how DARE you try and kiss me. i yelled at you. i told you to get out of my car. and you left. i thought you were gone forever. until you kept texting me. and texting me.

    then you called me a whore. do you know how much that hurt? i’m a whore because i’m trying to make myself happy? i wanted to smack you then and there. thank god he was there to stop me. and to stop you.

    i started to ignore you. and you didn’t take the hint. finally, i told you that i didn’t want to speak with you, or be your friend.

    then you texted me in the middle of the night. you “miss me” and “just want me back?” oh hey, and you also think that i’m trying to “keep myself happy without you?” that is all BULLSHIT. i finally spelled it out for you. “i need space.” you haven’t texted me since. well, except for that sad text telling me that you wish us the best of luck. but i don’t believe a word you say. you want us to fail. and you want me back in your arms. that will never happen. i’m the happiest i’ve ever been in my life. he loves me. he cares about me. and unlike you, he actually ONLY wants my happiness. if you wanted me to be so happy, then you would stop calling me and trying to make me feel miserable about my choices.

    i told you to stop calling. stop texting. stop talking to me. you finally did.

    i thought i would miss you. i thought i would miss your attention. but i’ve never felt more free. or loved.

    thank you for finally getting the hell out of my life, asshole.

    good riddance.

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