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    Since MG you have been the only man I can honestly say I have ever loved! And now after 7 months of sleeping together, cuddling, kissing, acting like a real couple with out the label you tell me that you have no feeling for me in that way. That you love me but only as a friend and that’s all you could ever see us being. When all I can see and feel is that we are perfect for each other. That we were meant to be. That you … above MG were/are the one. But I have been wrong before. Sadly though in the end I can’t sit by watching you be other girls and be happy with them. I have to do this all before once with you and NO I can’t do it again. So my love I am walking away from this situation and hope that one-day I can get over you and get over this pain you have caused me. Maybe I will be able to … maybe you won’t be able to hurt me anyone. I don’t know but I have to try … I have to be strong for once in my life.

    Maybe with me gone you will realize what I have already figured out, but then again maybe you won’t! I just hope you know that I will always love you. Even knowing all the bad things about you, all your flaws, all your mental issues … when most women would run for the hills. I stood beside you and was the only one who could calm you down when you had your attacks. But I guess that didn’t really matter in the end.

    I’m walking away now, I hope you all the best. And I hope she is everything you want and need.


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