• 40 days ago.

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    That’s when I was sure. Sure, it started before that….about 52 days ago. But that’s when I knew…knew I wanted to be with you. Unfortunately, you were still with her. We were best friends. You know everything about me. I trusted you…not sure why, but I did. You told me that if you weren’t with her, you would want to be with me. Then she was out of the picture, I was in. 17 days ago I was the happiest I have been in a long time. Funny how things change. You said you would always be there, but where are you now? You said you wanted a friend, but why aren’t you being one? I need my best friend now more than ever, but you are nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to the late night conversations when one of us needed the other? Can’t you see how I’m hurting? You say you know me better than anyone else, but I’m beginning to doubt. I miss the kissing, cuddling, sweet talking, hand holding, hugs, and all of that; but I miss my best friend more. I would give all of that to have him back. You weren’t ready for all of that…that’s fine. Just come back to your “best and closest friend” you have ever had.

    As much as I want to move on and away, I can’t right now….so I’ll be waiting.

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