• The First Step

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    I read through pages and pages on Letters I’ll Never Send, hoping for one from you. I spend night after night imagining scenarios where we end up back together. I wish night after night for your happiness. I wish we would work things out. I wish you would have fought for me. I wanted you to fight for me, I would have fought harder for us if I knew you wanted it too. Alas, I will never know. I will never know how you feel. I will always believe that I wasn’t enough. It is time for me to take the first step in moving on. I have said before that I am moving on, I wrote a letter that I’ll never send about it. There were many others after that about how I couldn’t get you out of my head and how I couldn’t move on. Now I am. It won’t be easy and I don’t expect to get over you in a day. But I won’t be on this site again. This is my farewell to the hopelessness I feel and the disappointment when I realize that none of the letters here are dedicated to me. So goodbye to the site that has helped me though many difficult nights. I’ll never forget the support you gave me, known and unknown. And to you, the boy who has a piece of me, I will always love you. But it is time for me to continue with my life. I can’t wait for you to come riding in on a white horse. I need to pick myself up because no one else will. I’m taking the first step.

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