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    You’re really fucking annoying me at the moment. The world does not revolve around you. I can’t help it that I won’t be back before 6 on Saturday night – I’ve already pestered my parents enough to drive us back early as it is. And now as soon as we start bickering a bit you can’t hang out on Wednesday, even though yesterday you were so excited about it? Stupid and immature. You’re my best friend, but when you do things like this it’s really shady and immature. It makes me so frustrated and pissed off at you. Why don’t you try understanding my point of view as much as I try to understand yours. Now you’re not going to make the js either? Cause I bet you aren’t since I wont be back anymore. I’ve said sorry way too many times for this and things like it. I’m sick of saying sorry for no reason, for things out of my control. Grow the fuck up.

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