• Rejection

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    I write this letter for many reasons. I write because I watched you, smiling, thinking how great you were. You made me laugh with your sarcastic comments. I loved the adorable way you talked. You were so sweet. I spent five months thinking about you. When I thought you were mad at me, I accepted the fact that we wouldn’t be together. I tried to get over you. I saw you again once, after many weeks. I had almost moved on. But I saw you and I fell for you again. It was harder this time stronger. It continued to grow until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. I longed for you to hold me, for your touch. I loved everything about you. From your extremely tall self to the way you would hug me. I waited for you to make the first move. I tried to flirt, to give you hints, hoping you would respond. I tried to get up the courage to ask you on a simple date, but I just couldn’t. I was scared because I was in love and afraid of rejection. I finally tried to work it into a conversation. At least I know now that it was all for nothing. I will hold my head up high. The rejection is a burning pain, but I will stand tall…

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