• Oh. My……

    by  • November 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Yearning • 0 Comments

    Lordy lordy lordy……..
    I did not see that coming. Or, more acurrately, I didn’t let myself see it coming. I’ve never smudged the line before, not even a little. Now? I suppose I’ve crossed that line, and redrawn one a greater distance away.

    Oh my…..I’m still floating on a high from being near you, still hotter than a kiln with want for you. I don’t know how you are able to do that to me…just by smiling, I feel sparks fly. I almost feel like that might become our song. It fits, doesn’t it? When we argue, sparks fly, when we smile, watch a movie, hold each other, kiss….sparks. At least for me, there are sparks flying all over the place.

    God, I agree with you. Why can’t I be single? If I was, I’m sure…..so very certain, that I would have forgotten it all. All of it, I’d have forgotten because you are so….addicting, so very addicting. I’m tempting? Have you seen yourself in the mirror??

    Oh….my…….lawdy. You stole my heart, before he had the chance to hold it, and I can’t just leave him.

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