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    I miss you. I miss your knowing smile, your warm heart, your wrinkled kisses. This will be our first Thanksgiving apart and it makes my heart ache that you won’t be here. You won’t be here to fuss around in the kitchen making the turkey stuffing to perfection as you have done for the past 20 years. You won’t be here to feed bits of food you don’t eat to the dog under the table, thinking you are being sneaky. Want to hear a secret? You weren’t all that sneaky, we saw you. I miss you calling once every hour, starting at 6 am, every single day since I can remember. Sometimes, when I wake up to the phone ringing, I think it is you and my heart jumps. And then I hear some telemarketer leave a message about credit card bills or god knows what, and my heart sinks. I really wish you were still here, Nana. I know you are probably glad you are not, and I know you are no longer in pain, but I can’t help but be selfish and wish you had held on for a little longer. I’m sorry for not visiting more the last couple of years. I don’t know why I didn’t, I really had no reason not to. I’m sorry for all the arguing too. I don’t remember what the arguments were about. I miss playing solitaire with you. You taught me how, and you loved to play. You were always so good to me. I miss you every day, and I hope you are having heated solitaire matches up there in heaven. I love you.

    Missing you terribly,
    Your loving Granddaughter

    PS- If heaven really does exist, and you really are up there having solitaire tournaments, will you do me a favor and tell Mom I said Hi for me? Thanks Nana.

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