• love struck bestfriend

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    I wish i could do the things i joke about with my friends. I always say that I’m just going to go right up to you and tell you how i feel, or i act cool and say that I’m gonna kiss you before a show. we get into little fights that end up face to face both of us steaming mad, all you think of is how you hope i drop it, but all i can think of is how your lips would feel against mine. You never realize how much you affect me, when you’re hurting cause of things at home or girls who turn you down I’m always the first one at your side i wish i could take away your pain. But all i am is the best friend the girl that stands at your side, the girl that you joke with and tease beyond belief cause you think its funny. Everyone at school always says that we act either like brother and sister, or like a couple that have been together through everything. You think of me as a sister, but i think of you as the man of my dreams, I’m sorry that i can’t tell you this in person so ill tell you it on here. I love you! keep singing and as long as you’re happy i am too.

    Love, your best friend.

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