• I hate you

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    I don’t even know why I try. To be your friend. To be with you. I have been with you through everything. But you won’t even see me. I am the one you turn to any time you need anything. The only person left who has your back, and you betray me too? You ignore me and hide from me, but yet you declare that I am the only woman you love?

    Your whole family has left you, no one will speak to you. I wonder why. I was the only one left to pick up the pieces to hold you when you cried. Despite all the things that you have done to me, I have stayed by your side, because I accepted who and what you are. I have loved you unconditionally. However, it has come to a time when I would rather be happy than have you in my life. I would rather smile, laugh and be happy then be stuck in hell with you.

    I still love you, but I am done giving you chances. I never thought I would understand where your mother was coming from when she wrote that letter, but I do now. Undoubtedly she still loves you too, she just can’t stand the poison you bring into her life, it way out weighs the joy. I always thought I would be wrong about that. I had faith in you. In the beauty I saw in you. I have faith in nothing anymore but myself.

    I would say I hope you have a good life, but I don’t. I have no faith in you and feel nothing but fear for everyone that comes into your life. You destroy everyone around you.

    I wish it was different, I truly, truly do. I just have no faith in you any more and I can’t stand being hurt, not even one more time because of your selfishness and cold soul.

    I hope you die alone, truly alone with no one around you, that would serve you right. You deserve nothing, not from me, not from anyone.

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